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 Lender Recommendation

  • Eustis Mortgage
    We’ve had great experiences working with Sunny Shannon and the Eustis Mortgage team. I can’t say enough about how thoughtful and thorough they have been with every transaction.

Loan Application Checklist

    • Purchase agreement AND copy of deposit check
    • Legible copy of driver’s license
    • Paystubs covering the last 30 days
    • Most recent two years of W2’s
    • Current and previous years Federal Tax Returns, ALL SCHEDULES
    • Proof of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, etc. income
    • All Asset Statements – ALL NUMBERED PAGES – most recent 2 months
      This includes: Checking & Savings accounts, Stock, Bond and Mutual Fund Accounts, CD’s, IRA and 401K accounts. *all non-payroll deposits will need to be explained and sourced*
    • Current mortgage statement on all property owned along with insurance declaration pages and property taxes
    • Copies of Divorce Decrees and Child Support/Alimony Judgements
    • NOTE!! Self Employed or commissioned borrowers are required to provide income tax returns, current 2013 P&L, and other possible documents to prove income.

Do’s and Don’ts


    • Stay current on all payments on existing accounts
    • Notify your lender of any changes to your contract or loan amount
    • Research and obtain a company for home-owner’s insurance as soon as possible to avoid last minute delays


  • Apply for new credit of any kind! This includes interest free furniture/appliance loans. No New Inquiries!
  • Change employment or your residence prior to closing. Especially quit your job or become self employed.
  • Purchase a car or truck!
  • Co-sign for anyone else’s loan!
  • Switch banks or move money around. Be able to provide documentation for large deposits.


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