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NOLA Home Diversity

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NOLA Home Types

Everyone knows New Orleans is a unique place. The melting pot of our history and culture manifest itself through our people and food but this variety also shows up in our homes.

Unlike in suburban areas where you can swing a king cake in any direction and hit a single-family home NOLA offers much more diversity. This allows for a very flavorful assortment of properties to pick from such as a camelback Victorian single-family home or our adorable craftsmen doubles and other “Multifamily” homes. To put this in perspective compared to many other places, we have just as many multifamily homes as singles. Each with their own subcategories like the condos in the CBD or 3 –4 plexus found in the communities all over the parish.

Because of this array of options one of the first things I discuss with my clients is which type of property did they have in mind. Some buyers start out looking for a single family home and realize the higher borrowing power of a multifamily property. This extra unit and it potential rental income can bump them into a better location or provide greater financial security from the additional income. Others realize after inspections that they want less responsibility and feel a condo would be better suited to their needs.

Each type of property has variations within the category, which requires different lending products. It is rewarding being able to look for a home with multi-purpose zoning and  that one incorporate their business into. We have so many wonderful commercial corridors that are being used very much the same way as they were 100 years ago with a family’s business on the bottom and living quarters on top or in the rear. And the beauty of New Orleans Real Estate is that we have all these different types of real property scattered in each neighborhood.

Honestly there is as many styles of houses as there is choices at a snowball stand, it all depends on what flavor your craving and whose there to help you navigate the selection. As a proud member of both the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors and subscriber to LACDB, Louisiana Commercial Database, I possess the tools, experience and passion to meet my any of my client’s needs.

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