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Selling a home

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Selling your home in today’s market

I believe you, as the seller, you play the most critical role in successfully selling your home. Therefore, I want to listen closely to determine my marketing plan that best fits your reasons for selling.

Generally speaking, it’s timing and/or money that is motivating you to sell your home.

Timing?    If you are working with a time frame to move, then it is critical to price your home aggressively in today’s market.

Money?     If you really want a certain amount from the sale of your home and are not bound to a time frame, then it will simply take longer to find the buyer who is willing to pay your price.

Both?             If you have to move but require a certain equity when selling, then you will need to be flexible with setting your price as we “experiment” with pricing in today’s market.


If you are like most sellers, this period of time when your home is on the market is inconvenient and stressful. That’s why I am fully committed to servicing you during the sales process.

I believe the most important ingredient to our successful working relationship will be communication. Consistent, honest, and professional feedback is my promise to you.

For all my efforts, I can never “create a buyer.”  However, together with your cooperation, I believe I can effectively find the right buyer for your home.

I want to be your Realtor.  In return, I promise to give you the kind of service you need to get your home sold.



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